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Municipal Infrastructure City of Buhl

Aurora Municipal Infrastructure

Castle Danger

Collection System and Treatment Facility

Community Revitalization, City of Cook

 Camp Street Improvements, City of Ely

Ely Municipal Infrastructure

Fayal Wastewater Collection System

Floodwood Community Revitalization

Floodwood River Trail

Grand Marais Downtown Improvements

Hibbing Municipal Infrastructure

Littlefork Main Street Reconstruction

Mesabi Trail Northern Minnesota

Greenway Sports Complex

Sherwood Forest Campground

Aspen Hills, Big Lake Township

Scenic State Park Campground

City of Isanti, Wastewater Treatment Facility

Nashwauk Central Avenue Streetscape

Nashwauk Industrial Infrastructure

Nashwauk RV Park and Campground

Water Treatment Facility, Tower-Breitung

Wastewater Treatment and Collection System

Crane Lake Water & Sanitary District

Municipal Engineering Projects

City of Bovey, TH 169 Turnback Streetscape

Mt. Josephine Rest Area

Trezona Trail, City of Ely

Chisholm Municipal Infrastructure

Scenic State Park Campground