An ALTA survey is a combination of a boundary survey, land title survey, and topographic survey meeting the minimum standards as established by the American Land Title Association (ALTA) and the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS), effective February 23, 2016.

ALTA surveys are typically completed as part of the refinancing, selling, or purchasing of a commercial property. Before the transaction can be completed the title insurance company will issue a title commitment containing information necessary to complete an ALTA survey.

The ALTA survey will detail the property boundaries, delineate all easements and exceptions cited in the title commitment, zoning of the property with setbacks, flood zone information, encroachments, location of water boundary, evidence of cemeteries, and names of adjoining property owners.

ALTA Survey

In addition to the standard items included in an ALTA survey, optional items may be included as identified in Table A of the minimum standards. The ALTA survey deliverable is a detailed map showing all existing improvements on the property, utilities, and other observations within the property. More information about ALTA surveys can be found on the NSPS website.

For more information about ALTA surveys, contact our Professional Land Surveyor, Randy Morton, PLS at or 218-969-9890.

ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey Table A