Wastewater Treatment and Collection System

Crane Lake Water & Sanitary District


Facing challenging water quality concerns at one of the gateways to Voyager's National Park near Crane Lake, a sanitary sewer collection and treatment system would need to be designed to serve over 70 residential dwellings and 12 businesses.

This Sanitary District hired JPJ Engineering to assist with the engineering and construction of this infrastructure.

JPJ Engineering assisted with funding requests and the client received funding support from a St. Louis County CDBG grant, a USCOE grant, an MNPFA grant, and a grant and loan from USDA. A low-pressure collection system was designed using individual grinder pumps and a recirculating sand filter treatment system.

This facility meets stringent 1.0-mg/L phosphorus effluent level discharge standards established by the MPCA for this system. The completion of this project allowed for economic development opportunities for local residents and businesses.