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Economic Development

Services Included:
  • Develop and implement economic development assistance packages for company expansions, relocation and startups.

  • Coordinate economic development projects including initial contacts with developers and companies.

  • Plan, implement and assist cities on economic development goals and activities under the general direction of the city.

  • Assist the client with presentations on projects including public meetings, as well as speaking to and with community organizations.

  • Prepare, review and submit grants and loan applications to local, state and federal agencies for economic development, community development and housing-related projects including identifying outside sources of capital that may be available.

  • Advise cities on the development of tax increment financing, tax abatement programs and other incentives to financially promote economic development, revitalization and infrastructure projects.

City Center Park, Virginia, MN

Hoodoo Point Trail, Tower, MN

The staff at JPJ Engineering have many years of success and experience in a wide variety of economic development projects. Whether it is commercial, industrial, housing, new construction or renovation, JPJ Engineering has the ability to bring our public and private clients the best technology, information and advantage to assist in their projects' success.

Our clients have utilized our abilities to take a project from the concept planning stages to the ribbon cutting. Through successful economic development projects, we can assist local communities with sustainable, diversified growth and a restructured, high-income economy. We have staffed local economic development authorities, assisted city engineers, city and town councils, written grants, lobbied and provided consulting services necessary to bring about successful projects.

   JPJ Miracle League Field, Hibbing, MN

Economic Development