JPJ Engineering prepared plans, specifications, and construction services for sanitary sewer rehabilitation, sanitary sewer reconstruction, and water main reconstruction project of city utilities for the reconstruction of this county road in Ely. This project included a 400 feet section of cured-in-place pipe lining of an 8” VCP sanitary sewer in an area that could not be open-cut. This $626,000 construction project was completed in October 2014.

JPJ Engineering prepared plans and specifications for a 12” VCP sanitary sewer and 42” VCP storm sewer cured-in-place pipe lining and sewer reconnection project in Ely. This project design consisted of lining 300 feet of 42” storm sewer and 335 feet of 12” sanitary sewer that crossed T.H. 169. This project was completed for the City of Ely and the Minnesota Department of Transportation and included in a state highway reconstruction project. The pipe rehabilitation project was suitable for the cured-in-place pipe lining due to the poor pipe conditions existing and an area that could not be open cut. The project was completed in July 2013.

Municipal Infrastructure

Ely, MN

Ely, Minnesota- Camp Street  S.A.P. 069-752-01

Camp Street is a 17-block street that had an aging infrastructure resulting in significant drainage problems for this County State Aid Highway (CSAH 152). In addition, there were extensive safety concerns caused by a deteriorating retaining wall and steep roadway sections that limited driver sight lines. Due to a narrow right-of-way of only 44 feet on portions of the street, vertical and horizontal realignment of this roadway would be difficult to achieve for this urban reconstruction project.

JPJ Engineering provided the project design and construction management of this $2.5 M road improvement. To improve drainage and sight lines, JPJ Engineering designed an extensive storm sewer system that involved the drilling, blasting, and excavation of approximately 1,500 cubic yards of ledge rock.