With the development of Essar Steel, west of the City of Nashwauk, the project included the City extending potable water for domestic use and sanitary sewer to serve both the crusher concentrator area and pellet plant area. The potable water project included the construction of a water booster pump with 3 booster pumps and 31,500 feet of 10" and 6" water main.

The sanitary sewer improvements included 3,750 feet of gravity sewers, 26,800 feet of 4" and 6" force main, and 4 lift stations. 

JPJ  Engineering provided:

  • Topographic survey of the pre-stripping area, tailings basin pipeline corridor, and the north railroad loop
  • Blast pattern clean-up survey
  • Rock excavation volume verification during crusher/concentrator initial construction
  • Settlement plate readings and miscellaneous site and tailings basin surveys
  • Design of utilities within the M.E.S. corridor that included gravity sanitary sewer, the fire water line, the wash water line, and coordination for the future gas line
  • Miscellaneous concrete construction staking
  • Project design of gas line routing on CR 58 from Northern Natural Gas delivery point to the pellet plant area
  • Pellet plant utility design that included 12" slurry lines, return water lines, and fiber optic locations

Industrial Infrastructure

Nashwauk, MN