FAQs About Land Surveys

When you request a survey quote we will respond within 1 business day or you can reach out to us at  218-262-5528. We are here Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 4:30 PM. 

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1. Do you do surveys for private property owners / Homeowners?

Yes, JPJ provides land surveying for private property owners. Whether your property is big or small, a vacant parcel with dozens of acres, or a large parcel that you are looking to turn into multiple lots, our survey team uses the same process to research the property, conduct the requested field work, such as setting permanent corner pins and flagging property boundaries, and preparing project deliverables such as a Certificate of Survey, legal descriptions, etc.

2. When should I get a survey?

You may want to have a survey done if you are:

 - Uncertain of your property boundaries
 - Putting up a fence or building near a property line (or your neighbor is)
 - Buying or selling a property
 - Subdividing your land
 - Determining legal access to the property

3. How much does a survey typically cost?
The cost of a survey varies depending on the location, size, and terrain of the property and the type of survey requested. Large properties, those in remote locations, or located long distances from known survey reference points require additional time to complete.

The amount of labor required is the largest component of the survey's cost, which includes both time in the field, which may include two or more trips to the property, as well as time in the office researching, performing calculations, and preparing the map of the property. At a minimum, you should expect that a survey will cost about $1,800.

Survey price quotes are typically a lump sum fee. 

4. How soon will the survey be completed?

Once we have received your signed Work Order Confirmation contract your job will be scheduled. During the winter months, surveys are typically completed within 3 weeks. During the busy summer months, we are not able to keep up with all of the surveys that are requested, jobs are typically scheduled about 1-2 months in advance.

5. Can you mark my property boundaries?

Yes, property line flagging is typically done on large properties with property lines that span long distances. Especially for wooded properties where a line of sight between property corners isn't possible. We can place bright-colored ribbons on branches along the property line often enough so that you will be able to see multiple ribbons from any point on the line.  Ribbons on trees typically last 2-5 years. Often property owners will clear trees near the boundary line or set their own more permanent markers. Flagging typically costs an additional $100 per 1/4 mile. 

6. Will I receive a map?

The map you will receive as part of your survey is called a Certificate of Survey (COS). A COS is a map of your property drawn to scale and signed by a licensed land surveyor. On the COS we show the dimensions of overall property lines along with any improvements to the property. Improvements are any permanent or semi-permanent structures or surfaces that are on or near the property. Improvements can include buildings, sheds, above-ground utilities, fences, retaining walls, driveways, etc. We will also show any encroachments by either you or your neighbor and dimension them to the property line.

7. What are corner pins? How can I find them?

Corner pins for most residential and commercial properties are typically a piece of metal pipe that is buried flush with the ground and marks every corner of the property. The pins are capped with a plastic cap listing the surveyor's license number. Since overtime pins can be covered with dirt and grass a metal detector may be needed to find its location.

8. What information do I need to provide to get a price quote?
At a minimum, we will need you to provide your contact information, the location of the property, the parcel number, and the reason you're requesting a survey. Any details you can provide about what you would like us to do for you, such as divide the property into two equal parcels, or any specific deliverable requests (things you need included on the map) help prepare an accurate price quote and deliver exactly what you need.

9. Where do I find my Parcel ID number?
This number can be found on your property tax statement or by looking up the property information on your county’s tax assessor’s website. Here are links to: 

St. Louis County, MN - Click on the  Property Details Search button.

Itasca County, Lake County, and Carlton County, MN - Click on your county then click on Parcel Information.

Douglas County, WI - Click to accept then enter your address or owner name.

10. How do I get a price quote?
Click on our "Request Survey Here" button and complete the form. To request a survey, you must provide the property’s Parcel ID number. This number can be found on your property tax statement or by looking up the property information on your county’s tax assessor’s website. See the Where do I find my Parcel ID number question above. Quotes are free of charge and the information you provide will not be shared with third parties. It is only used to provide you with this quote. 

11. How soon will I receive my quote?
We strive to provide price quotes within a week.  Typically our surveyor will call you to provide the quote and answer any questions you may have about the survey.  If you accept the quote, our surveyor will send you a Work Order Confirmation contract via email or if you prefer via U.S. mail. Work Order Confirmations can be returned electronically to the surveyor.  After the signed Work Order Confirmation has been received we will get your property on our schedule.

12. Can you survey in the winter?

That depends on the type of survey and the depth of the snow. Boundary surveys can be done year-round because the location of the property boundary doesn't move regardless of the depth of snow. Topographic surveys are generally not done when there are significant snow depths, because they measure elevation changes which can be distorted by deep snow. 

13. How will I be billed?
You will receive an invoice by email or mail after the work has been completed. Invoices are due upon receipt and payments should be mailed to our Hibbing office at P.O. Box 656 Hibbing, MN 55746.

14. Do you accept credit cards?
No, we do not accept credit cards, surveys must be paid by cash, check, or cashier's check.

For more information check out the FAQs from the Minnesota Society of Professional Surveyors.