Mt. Josephine Rest Area

Duluth, MN

MnDOT wanted to upgrade an underutilized rest area located at one of the most scenic overlooks in Minnesota. The Mt. Josephine rest area overlooks Lake Superior and was originally constructed in 1965 with the construction of the TH 61 project.

With a concept plan developed by MnDOT, JPJ Engineering provided detailed project design and construction documents that included relocating parking stalls away from the overlook and constructing a walkway adjacent to the overlook to allow visitors to view Lake Superior, Susie Island, and Isle Royale. A picnic area was constructed, including a kiosk to provide travelers with information about the area. A vault-style restroom building was designed and constructed to match other North Shore vault restrooms. 

Travelers now benefit from the reconfiguration of the wayside area and utilize this resting area as they enjoy the beauty of the North Shore of Lake Superior.