Uniprise | A UnitedHealth Group Company

Duluth, MN


The City of Duluth and UnitedHealth Group entered into a partnership to place a 150,000-square-foot call center in the city to stimulate economic development.

The site selected did not have municipal services or safe access to Rice Lake Road. The site also had steep grades, shallow bedrock, rock outcropping, marginal soils, and wetlands at the base of the steep hills. The site challenged JPJ Engineering to create a plan which placed a building with an 800-car parking lot that balanced earthwork, met ADA grades, presented a marquee entry, and maintained the construction timeline.

JPJ Engineering worked closely with contractors and the architect to design infrastructure to minimize the blasting of rock and wetland impact. The plan met all requirements for stormwater rate control and water quality standards and included a wetland complex that doubled as a retention basin.

JPJ Engineering also worked with the City of Duluth on the extension of the trunk utilities to the site and the transportation improvements for the Rice Lake Road entry.