Wastewater Treatment Facility

City of Isanti


Facing growth pressures and the need to update an outdated wastewater treatment facility, the City of Isanti procured JPJ Engineering to plan and design an updated facility. This new facility would need to meet stringent discharge standards, meet a range of growth projection needs, and be fiscally supported by outside sources.

JPJ Engineering analyzed a range of growth projections and appropriate treatment techniques to identify an optimal treatment system. A new aerated pong system was designed to allow the system to utilize several treatment techniques, maximizing the efficiencies of a six-cell mechanically aerated pond system that would provide discharge quality levels as high as a conventional one.

Honor winner by the Consulting Engineers Council of Minnesota, this facility has provided sufficient capacity that met unprecedented growth demands. The facility continues to meet stringent discharge standards into the scenic Rum River.

JPJ Engineering assisted the City of Isanti in procuring a $4M WIF grant from MPCA to fund over 60% of the facility. In addition, due to the astute field support during construction, final as-built costs were reduced to $6.3M, $400K below the original contracted amount.